Best 2021 TVs: What Reviewers Buy! Your Questions Answered

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2021 TVs are appearing and we talk about our favorites. Big THANK YOU to Brian and Brandon for coming on! Check out their channels if you like talking TVs @B The Installer and @Whisper Status 74 . Indexed Timestamps below
TVs we mentioned are on Amazon and Best Buy here:
2021 Samsung QN90A BB:
2021 Samsung QN900A BB:
2021 Sony A90J Master Series BB:
2020 LG CX BB:
2020 Samsung Q90T BB:
2020 Hisense H9G BB:
2020 Sony A8H

==== Movie Watching HDR TVs:
2021 Sony A90J OLED BB:
2021 LG C1 OLED (TBD)
2021 LG G1 OLED (TBD)
2020 Sony A8H OLED
2020 Hisense H9G BB:

=== Gaming TVs:
2021 Samsung Neo QN90A
2021 Samsung QLED Q80A
2021 LG G1 (TBD)
2020 LG CX
=== HDMI Cables:
Cheap Monoprice 2.0
Vivify HDMI 2.1
Monoprice HDMI 2.1

========= About Affiliate Links:
All of my Amazon & Best Buy links in this video description are affiliate links which means at no extra charge to you, I will make a small commission if you click on them and make a qualifying purchase. Equipment and Materials used for this review can be purchased on Amazon via the links above. All sponsorships are fully disclosed in this video description as well as video content. We make every effort to back up our conclusions and reviews with with demonstrations that clearly show the reasoning behind our opinions.
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0:00 Introduction
1:38 Eating Crow: QN90A better than expected
5:41 Eating Crow: QD is bright not dim
8:11 75" QN90A vs 65" A90J with floor ceiling windows
11:30 Eating Crow: 4K Better than 8K
14:11 OLED with 144Hz panel
17:36 LG OLED with AI Picture Pro setting
18:35 Buy 65" A90J or 65" CX or 77" CX Best Buy floor demo?
20:28 LG C1 as bright as LG G1?
22:14 85" Samsung QN900A vs 83" Sony A90J
23:47 Blooming & DSE on 75" QN90A for Hockey?
26:56 Why the mixed reviews with QN90A
30:50 QN90A vs QN900A needs same size comparison
31:49 2021 QN85A vs 2020 Q90T
38:08 Value Electronics Unofficial Best 2020 TV
39:19 Cleanest 85 inch TV, No DSE
42:05 OLED Buying: CX, C1, G1, A8H, A80J, A90J
47:14 Reviewing TVs with YouTube Content?
53:43 LG Nano99 8K TV upgrade worthy?
55:30 RTINGS scoring system
57:50 Best Buy Return: Sony A90J with DSE, bad grid, uniformity
1:02:43 2021 Hisense TV Update
1:04:16 Best size TV for Our Home Theater?
1:09:20 Why calibrate our TVs?
1:15:14 TVs We'd Buy!
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